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Gearing up for the Holidaze!

Here it is, November 3, 2010! Gearing up for the Holidaze! I'm always trying to have a new holiday song ready for you. Last year's song, "You Better Be Good" was a tribute to Old Saint Nick. It's up on itunes for those of you looking to shop early for Christmas songs.  Please find the link on my "links page" or, at

Got an early Christmas/Chanukah present:  A young girl named Cher Lloyd who is now on the UK show, X Factor, [being judged by the one and only Simon Cowell] just did a live cover on October 30th, of the old Shakespear's Sister song, "Stay".  Suddenly our old version is number 10 in the UK itunes charts!!  Pretty amazing some 18 years later, it still has legs of it's own!  I posted the original video on my facebook page: and my reaction to her version. I thought she did a great job and I thank her for breathing new life into a song I have always loved.

I'm working on a new album! I'm getting engineering lessons, one on one, learning so much, trying to unlock the mysteries of recording and production. lots to learn and I'm having so much fun in the process. I love to learn new and exciting things and it makes it very special when I can apply it to what I love to do.

I also have an official facebook page: Please connect with me there. And also, in the very near future, I'll have a feature that will be able to automatically sign you up for my newsletters here on my website. I'm going to announce very shortly to all my fb friends, please give me your email address so I can add you to my [e] mailing list.  I already have close to 3k friends on my fb page and just not sure when they will cut me off!  I want to stay in touch and I truly value your support.


Much love and many thanks!


Gratefully Yours;

Marcella xoxoxo

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