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Gearing up for the Holidaze!
January 29, 2010

From Pop Star to Opera Star

Marcella's Diary

eve of show 2 | pop to opera

i want to know how thursday came around so quickly??? had a lot to learn this week, a whole new song and again, in italian, thank goodness. next week is german, yikes! very difficult, i don't know the language very well at all; that alone will be a challenge. anyway, re: this week, really looking forward to it, the orchestra sounded amazing today at the rehearsal playing my song. this is so incredible. i wish my father was alive to see this; he loved classical music so much. he used to take me to see orchestras, took me to see the great viloinist, isaac stern, it was just beautiful.
today was a very long day: a fitting for my dress, vocal training session, meeting with the mentors to run through my song and talk about the acting/drama aspect of it as well. rolando had both katherine and i in tears talking about the character singing my song and what she is singing about. phew. i'm looking forward to tomorrow. i felt so much better today at the orchestra rehearsal today; i felt like i was present, which was a nice change from last week. everything seemed to be so frenetic, including me, and, my nerves. i've had so much great feedback from friends, family and supporters, it's wonderful and i so appreciate it. i'm really enjoying myself. don't want to go home yet!! so, i shall do me best.

now, i need to rest...

ciao for now.

love always;

on itv1 2morro nite, 9pm, yeah, oh and alan titsmarsh sometime before that. think i spelled his name wrong in my last blog, sorry alan!! he is truly a lovely man!!

gearing up for show 2 | pop to opera

been a busy week. i can't believe it's already wednesday. i've been training every day since sunday for the next show this friday. it's another challenging song. did some drama rehearsal today, and then some vocal work. just going to rest my voice for the rest of the night, not a lot of talking. i hope my friends are not upset with me by my not calling them; talking is harder on the voice then singing so i'm trying to remain silent and save it for friday except for rehearsals tomorrow. oh, tomorrow will be v. busy: fitting for my dress around 2; vocalising, meeting with the mentors and then rehearsal with the orchestra.

so, going to go have some dinner now, feeling hungry and a bit tired.

love always;
marcy xo

week 2 | pop to opera
well, had my 2nd rehearsal for week 2 today. a beautiful puccini piece from madame butterfly, i adore it. can't believe how physically demanding singing opera is. every time i leave a session i feel like i've done a hundred sit ups! but it's just great, fantastic experience, heavenly music to sing, interesting people to meet, it's all good.
got to get my beauty sleep. tomorrow is a busy day, more training, etc. i'll be baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

love always;
marcy xo

day 5 | snowing in london town
well, was just gonna go out for a bit and it's snowing like crazy-a very wet, annoyinng snow, so came back in to do some emailing. today is my first day off since i've been here. had a much needed rest, got to sleep in, glorious, thank you thank you. trying to rest the vocal chords today; talking is harder on the voice than singing in some cases ie. talking above loud music in clubs etc. so, just chillin. did a few vocal exercises to keep it oiled up. all's good. everyone is keeping to themselves; that being said, most of the contestants live here in the uk so they are all going about their respective lives. i do have some friends and family here. i will meet everyone [i think] at the press launch on monday. gonna be a loooooong day, but good. getting the word out there.
one thing about these competitions: it's very much based on fan base. half of the contenders have quite viable fanbases; it's been many years since i was in the public eye in the uk so it's going to take some work to make people aware that i'm here. so, if you're reading, please help spread the word. i've got a marcella detroit fan page for my "pop star to opera star" experience. feel free to go to my facebook page: and look for the link to my fan page and please tell anyone you might think is interested. thanks!!!!!!!
love always;
marcy xoxoxoxoxoo

day 2
wow, today the jet lag got me good. early morning start, snow falling, the city and suburbs grinding to a halt. i feel bad for people who were stuck in the cold with no power, terrible.
had a great session with rolando and katherine today; i met katherine jenkins today for the first time, very beautiful. they gave me some great tips. i'm chanting these tips, i'm eating them for breakfast lunch and dinner for the next x days! all good. quite an adventure. i'm a very lucky and grateful bugger!

more to come..

love always;

marcy xo

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