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Happy Spring 2015!

Happy Spring!! I hope the weather is warming up wherever you are.

Got a few tidbits of news for you. I'm nearly finished with an ENTIRE NEW ALBUM!! The exciting thing about it is I've recorded most of it in my home studio and written most of it myself as well. The additional songs were cowritten with an associate I was fortunate enough to meet and work with while attending the Black Rock Songwriting Camp in gorgeous Santorini, Greece, back in 2013. His name is Paul Drew of DWB productions and he has been doing an incredible job mixing everything for me as well as adding more production to make it sound that much better. Paul and I wrote a great song together at the songwriting camp with another great writer named Marcus Winther-John. The song's called "What's The Time in Tokyo" and was actually released in 2014 by a Belgian artist named Syl and it was entered into the Eurovision Song Contest and released as a single, doing  quite well. I decided to include my version on the new album.

The other few songs were cowritten with my amazing talented Renaissance man, Lance Aston, who, when he puts his mind to it, can do anything! He helped me write one of the best songs on the album called "England Calling" soon to be released as a single. He also helped me write a vibey track called "U N Me" which I love.

I put another song from the album on facebook/youtube with a video animated by a young talent named Rafaella Angelica Nepales, a few months ago called "Home". It caught the ear of a dj in England named Mark Dezzani @Radio Caroline and he gave it a few spins for me commenting on how much he loved the song.

So far 7 songs are mixed, another one has been sent off for mixing and in the background right now, Lance is doing some sound editing on another song that will be on the album. My goal is to have everything mixed by the middle of next month [May].

Aside from that, I've started a new business venture called Song Seamstress. I have been asked numerous times to listen to and critique peoples' songs, so I decided to create Song Seamstress to offer songwriting consultation and coaching in the effort to help people take their songwriting skills to a new level. I am also offering to create custom songs for people for business or personal use, which I've already done successfully in the past. You can see testimonials on the site: You can see all the details on how to get started there.


Thanks and have a wonderful Spring!!

Peace, Love and Music;

Marcy xo

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