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I'm happy to say regarding my newest projects,  I have not one but TWO new albums "in the can", meaning, ready.  One album is the one Larry Klein produced last year called "Skin I'm In" which has some of my best songs on it, and it's very laid back and warm. While we were in the middle of doing that album, I decided I wanted to do another album so I invited an amazing funky rhythm section from here in LA and they joined me on my journey. My self produced album is called "The Vehicle" and that is my "pet" project. I am very proud of it, love all my songs and I'm also writing my autobiography to go with it which is also called "the vehicle". I'm nearly finished with it, up to the middle of 2009 now. It's crazy writing it, I am actually reliving everything as I write it and at times it's very cathartic and emotional.  The plan is to release it all around the same time. I'll post any info about the release here and also on my facebook pages, marcella detroit and marcella detroit official.


Thanks for tuning in!!


BIG LOVE, Marcy xoxoxoxo


I'm constantly writing and working on music!  I've written lots of songs for a project very close to my heart: my own album. All the songs are finished, but never say that another song won't be written for it. My publishers, Music Sales Corp. are being supportive and helping out. The grammy award winning producer/bass player Larry Klein produced my upcoming album which is due to be released very soon. Watch this space for news.


My other project is:  My autobiography. I've been writing my book for several months now and have the help of a literary agent in the UK. This is very exciting, scary and kind of cathartic at the same time for me.  I have written 26 chapters thus far. I hope to include some surprises with it.  I'll post info about it on my "latest news" page when the time is right...

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